Behind all music there is a complex web of all sorts of people and a lot of going ons. A crucial element to the entertainment landscape is of course, to keep it going. And what way is better than through a music event where you can watch new artists perform and get to know everyone that is everything? DNA BLN is such an place. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION has already in the past collaborated with DNA but we thought we’d get in touch with Reza and Gigi – the founding members – to  ask them exactly all about the what, when, where of DNA BLN.

Would you like to introduce yourselves & DNA BLN?

We are Reza and Gigi from nineteen95 management and organizers of DNA BLN.

nineteen95 is an international entertainment company based in Berlin that specializes in all aspects of artist management & development as well as label, synch and event management.

DNA BLN which stands for Discover New Artists and was launched September 3rd last year. A collision of creative communities bringing together visionary people from various art scenes, centered on showcasing new artists from different genres, local and international ones, as well as incorporating Visual and Media Arts, DJ’s and more. It’s like a mini festival!

How did you come up with the idea of DNA BLN?

It was out of necessity, when none of the agencies or music events here wanted to give a slot to any of our artists to perform. We decided to do our own nights but add all other art forms around live music. Our friend Saskia Hahn, as an artist herself, really liked the idea and so she joined the team curating the art exhibition. We had such an amazing response from everyone that we decided to keep doing it.

One year of DNA: How have things been going? What has happened so far and what the plan for the next 12 months?

With the first DNA we established a high standard, and since then we have been trying to keep the same standards throughout the series.

We are selecting high quality bands regardless of their genre and also trying to get more artists involved on the gallery and art exhibition room. We went from having 6 of our own bands – 2 of which got signed because someone saw them at DNA  – to having 8 bands! Some lucky people also found amazing art to decorate their walls with.

Musicboard Berlin has been a big help keeping DNA alive. As well as all the beautiful brands that have supported us throughout the year, because they too believe in the event and the concept.

DNA BLN is now known as THE place to discover new artists. Managers, publishers, agents and labels are contacting us to put their new signings on stage. Same goes for the bands who want to showcase for the industry or just simply play to a packed room. However, we are very picky, and we don’t compromise our integrity when booking bands.

We are already planning for the next year and we are talking to Musik & Frieden to see if we can make that possible. We want to have 4 new episodes in 2016 with some little surprises in between…


Why does Berlin need DNA BLN?

Nothing replaces a live show and watching a performance. That feeling of discovering something new that you fall in love with it. Every time you talk about Berlin, you think techno and electronic music. However, there are many bands in town. You just don’t get a chance to see them for one reason or another. Berlin does need a platform for all new artists to be seen and discovered. It is a city that always stays young despite its age. An event such as DNA will give you the first hand experience to see & hear new artists whom you wont get a chance to discover until years down the line – if they ever survive the uphill battle in the music industry.

What better place than Berlin to introduce an idea that challenges the norm. In a way, it is taking you back in time when you would see a band first and then start following them rather than watching a video for 20 sec and push Like. Every person who comes to DNA is part of this experience by bringing their own individuality and character to the event and leaving with a night to remember.

Let’s think ahead: where would you like to see DNA BLN in 5 years from now?

We will launch the DNA BLN FESTIVAL in 2017. An indoor event which will bring all creative art forms under one roof. The club event will also travel to other countries, expanding our activities and putting more artists in touch with each other and the people. So, stay tuned for DNA LDN, DNA NYC, DNA BXL, DNA STO… well, you get the picture.