DNKL - Photo by Maximilian König

Photo by Maximilian König

Fresh from a tour in East China, DNKL‘s latest release Otherside is a dream. Musically it has a classic ‘chillwave’ vibe which DNKL alter to create an entirely different sound. There’s interesting levels of music with soft jazz sounds, chillwave beats and electric guitars.

It’s a long track, which could be considered risky, but somehow the Scandi trio pull it off beautifully. Like many other artists of the same ilk, CARIBOU and BEN KHAN, DNKL‘s lyrics are poetic. ‘We’ve got a mountain left to climb’ may hark to their musical journey or just an attempt to create a picturesque image. Either way, it’s golden and it works well with their music. DNKL, pronounced ‘dunkel’ meaning ‘dark’ in German, prove their namesake in this foreboding track. It’s a masterpiece of sound and makes you eager for what’s to follow.

DNKL‘s Otherside, is out now via Different Recordings. They’ve just finished a headline tour in China and Hong Kong.