DNKL - Press 2015

We admit it: We come back to Gothenburg trio DNKL again and again. But these guys simply treat us with the really good stuff recently, just check out their delicate guestmix or their debut EP, Wolfhour. Prominent on that EP is the track Warm Dark Night, which we also featured before. A piece of slick, slow-tempo dance, pitched somewhere between icy pop and house. Now Belgian producers VUURWERK have gotten their hands on the track and emerged with their remix.

VUURWERK take that track and basically debase it, in a good way. The whole thing emerges as a blurrier, more washed out and ambiguous version of the initial track. Some new vocals and echoes are spliced in for good measure. VUURWERK’s rework is more dissonant and odd , while still retaining the track’s original atmosphere. DNKL are currently touring around Europe, and VUURWERKK are off to SXSW in late March.