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During the peak of the short nu rave movement a few years ago British collective DOES IT OFFEND YOU, YEAH? created a certain buzz with hits like We Are Rockstars or The Monkeys Are Coming. After over three years in hiatus the band is now likely to make a full return. They already announced one final show at the Electric Ballroom in London on December the 12th and started posting on their Facebook page again. But now it looks like the group will also release new music in the form of an EP called How To Kiss A Dragon And Walk Away From It which might arrive in early 2016.

Responding to a fan asking them if they really split up the band answered via Facebook.

its complicated. not as black and white as people may see it.

if you see a band as: start writing, do an album, major label promotion wheel starts up, do the tour/sell the t-shirts, have a holiday, start writing, do an album.. etc etc. then YES we are split up.

if you see a band as: just a load of mates fucking about when we have the time from our day jobs and have enough tracks for an EP, lets give it out for free.

then yes. we are still a band. we don’t need the ”wheel” to let us know we still have blood pumping through my veins.

More news on the forthcoming DOES IT OFFEND YOU, YEAH? release are expected soon. In the meantime enjoy a classic from the group right here to set the mood right.