Douglas Greed - Masked Up And Messed Up - SingleNOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION presents the new video by electronic music anarchist DOUGLAS GREED. Get ready to be messed up. You might add a little tape in your face and look as weird as the people do in the video. We already wrote about the spontaneous live show where the video was shot. A tiny club full of people ready to burn the place.

And DOUGLAS GREED together with his brothers in crime, Michael Nagler on percussion and singer Fabian Kuss, delivered right what was needed to get the crowd going. You might have missed this special night, so we have this video document for you bringing the spirit of masks and messes to your screen. Masked up and messed up was recently released as a single on Freude Am Tanzen Records. Now don’t sit back, neither relax, and enjoy Masked up and messed up by DOUGLAS GREED.