Downliners Sekt - Silent Ascent - 2014

DOWNLINERS SEKT, intellectual as AUTECHRE, spooky as BURIAL, electronic as Tri-Angle, Hyperdub and Brainfeeders. A great electronic music act from Barcelona, Spain, that you definitely have to check out.

“…to be heard the oldschool way you must work hard. Work in a tiny room, a dark basement, one crappy garage, thinking that someday someone will eventually pay attention to your story – and then you have to make a package out of all those precious moments – a price thrown on the front of a jewel fucking case – but you’re still not sure – because some soulless cynical mind has decided otherwise – so what then, tell us now, what would you have done?… “

Fun fact: in German the word ‘Sekt’ means sparkling wine. So have a sparkling listen to Silent Ascent, the Sound of the Night.

DOWNLINERS SEKT‘s third album Silent Ascent will be released on April 7/8 via Infiné.