downliners sekt - 2012

DOWNLINERS SEKT will release their third album Silent Ascent on April 7/8 via the French label Infiné. The album’s title track, Silent Ascent, was already shared earlier and named Sound of the Night on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Now we are happy to premiere another track by the electronic music duo from Barcelona. Together with FACT we bring you Soul Debris, a wonderful hypnotic dance song that will make you dream away and dance at the same time.

On their upcoming album, DOWNLINERS SEKT stated:

We’re supposed to come up with something – the right words and formulas, the precise tags, genres, micro­genres, styles, scenes, etc. – that will give you a notion of what to expect from our music. But that would be a lot of silly noise, really. ‘Silent Ascent’ is our third album. Our tenth release in ten years. Ten releases… and it still feels like we’re starting from scratch. It’s always been this way. Yet we approach every project as if it was our last chance, as if we were doomed, finished, lost and done for.
We are obsessive people to say the least, and obsession is not easily shared – nor is it often appreciated. Creating music has always been vital for us. We craft, arrange and sculpt it endlessly until we’re satisfied. Expectations are always high, and the most challenging part is to keep it alive and genuine all the way.This album is us. It is driven by the maddening wait for the conditions to be this “right” and it embodies all the frustrations and hopes we felt while making it. We hope you like it.
source: FACT)