Drenge - 2015

We Can Do What We Want sings like a typical punk rock mantra. What separates Derbyshire-based band, DRENGE from their musical counterparts, how they encompass this mantra. They can do what they want and these young rockers will.

The duo has been on many musical radars for a few years from name drops in political resignations in 2013 and being featured on Late Show With David Letterman late last year, DRENGE have been a ‘name to watch’ for a while. It is inevitable that the duo will be a name of 2015 and featured on many ‘Best of’ lists. The relative newcomers have a varied and unique sound, We Can What We Want sounds like a sublime guitar rift of GANG OF FOUR under the cutting lyrics of THE REPLACEMENTS. It is a wise old sound with a youthful twist. It is a refreshing, new song for spring through summer. Watch out for DRENGE as they tour the summer festivals and bring their rocking sound to a town near you!

We Can Do What We Want is taken off the LP Undertow which is due for release on Infectious Records in April 2015 and it is sure to be an infectious album of 2015.