As you should know by now, dozens of people were killed during last Friday’s performance by the EAGLES OF DEATH METAL at Paris music Le Bataclan. 87 people lost their live during the show, including people from the band’s staff while Jesse Hughes and his fellow bandmembers managed to escape when the terror started.

To honour those who lost their lives and to celebrate the freedom of music culture a new campaign has been launched to get EAGLES OF DEATH METAL to Number One in the British charts with their cover version of DURAN DURAN’s Save A Prayer. Here’s the full info text by those who started the campaign:

Let’s get the Eagles Of Death Metal to the UK No.1 THIS WEEK to show our solidarity against terrorism and support for peace

For those unaware, EODM and their fans were the band caught up in the horrific atrocities in Paris this week. We thought it would be a nice gesture to put their brilliant version of ‘Save A Prayer’ to the UK No.1 spot as a show of support to the band and all of those affected.
For the record no we aren’t associated with the band or their record company, we’re just fans of them that feel happy to be alive as some of our fellow EODM fans are tragically not now.Royalties we assume would go to Duran Duran as they wrote the song but that’s not the point of this campaign. This is not for profit or financial gain, just to make a strong statement.
They also started a Facebook page to support the whole thing right here. In the aftermath of the horrible events from last week EAGLES OF DEATH METAL cancelled all upcoming gigs. An official statement by the band is still missing.