ELOHIM has released two singles (one of which we covered back in August) so far, as well as one collab track with CASEY VEGGIES, but we still know almost nothing about the L.A.-based producer and musician, including her name. A recent interview revealed that she’s a trained pianist, and it seems that’s about all we’re going to get for now. It’s not such an big issue however,  because ELOHIM, unlike some other artists, has no need to trade away bits of her personality to self-promote: her music so far has been more than good enough to do the job for her, and that’s a streak that continues on new single Bridge And The Wall.

Bridge And The Wall can, on first listen, sound like an uncomplicated electro-pop song, but digging a little deeper reveals all the carefully considered touches present, from the slight, misty distortion applied to the verse vocals to the little splash of feedback the song ends on. It’s notable that all three ELOHIM singles released to date have dealt in the gloomier sides of life, from a loudmouth vandalising your buzz on She Talks Too Much to prescription-meds dependency on Xanax. Bridge And The Wall still isn’t exactly a happy song: with a chorus line of ‘you take the love, I’ll take the fall’, how could it be?

But musically it shows ELOHIM at her sparkiest and poppiest yet, the chorus tied into bouncing, brightly coloured synthline. Lip-chewing angst never sounded so upbeat.