Eva & Manu - 2014 - press photo

Let’s break some clichés today. What do we associate with the life of a biker? Lonely roads, wildness, Easy Rider – yeah, sure. But sadly also things like gang-violence, brutality and ruthlessness. The video for this ‘Sound Of The Day’ might help to improve this image a little. The clip for Finnish/French-duo EVA & MANU‘s song Empty collects some beautiful, peaceful but also thoughtful imagery based upon atmospheric pictures that clash a rough looking biker and nature.

Actually a quite nice setting for EVA & MANU‘s electronica-infected folk-pop and definitely supportive of the song’s subtle build-up. Besides, it’s maybe a good reason to give their most recent album Cinnamon Hearts a few more spins. So long, let’s stop feeling Empty and enjoy little things today.