Eye Emma Jedi

Andrew Murray & Alexander Pavelich & Andreas Westhagen`s indie-rock band EYE EMMA JEDI, from Norway just released their newest single, ´88. The name is inspired by Star Wars, but they make pretty clear that it has nothing to do with Star Wars and also everyone in the band is born in 88. Seriously.

The band’s carreer has been blooming and their catchy and playful tunes make them to a memorable band that stands out. The song ´88 is from their upcoming EP ´88, that is due for release in November. A song inspired by golden childhood memories in the Norwegian woods, remembering the times before the digital world kicked in and made people more anti-social according to them. “A song from the good old days” they say with a smile on their faces. Maybe they can bring you back to the times if you feel the same?

Check out the new song while you wait for their EP.


On Saturday EYE EMMA JEDI will play at Reeperbahn Festival. Hope to see you there!