Fashion trends fw 15-16

Do you want to know about the latest fashion trends? Better put on some music. We collected some songs that came directly to our minds after reading many articles on what should we wear to look to be ‘trendy’. Thing is that pretty much everything is ‘trendy’ this season so our advice is that you put on whatever you want. Risk to mix and match different styles and eras, dive in your mother’s (or even grandmother’s) closet or go on a vintage hunt, if you feel like renewing your wardrobe. Most important thing is to feel pretty and comfortable. Anyway, let’s get through this together. This is the NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s guide for this Fall/Winter fashion trends.

1. Masculine

This year you can dress like style icon/goddess Marlene Dietrich. Put on that blazer. It looks good. Tie a tie. That’s the spirit. Think of EURYTHMICS and Annie Lennox. While everybody will be looking for something, you’ll seem to have it together. It’s 2015. We’re through the ‘gender’ talk, aren’t we?

2. Seventies Comfort

The Eurythmics might have travelled the world in the seventies, which is kind of cool, but you don’t need to. The 70s influence has been present on most of the runway shows, but apparently in a more calm, silent way. The spot has been mostly the silhouettes (high waisted skinny pants, flared trousers, big coats, furs), the colours (brown/orange/blue/yellow) and the details (big buttons, belts, chunky heels). If you like turtlenecks, you’ll find quite some in the market. The psychedelic prints were not really seen, but if you feel like them, we’d say why not? Making the difference is always cool! *wink*

Now enjoy the BEE GEES rocking their high waisted skinny pants and turtlenecks. Because they ‘know how to do it’.

3. Seventies-Eighties Medley

Are you confused? Think of the early eighties. Pleated skirts, one shoulder tops and dresses, puffy sleeves and fun tights. Big, comfortable trousers and oversized coats. Or bold colors (do you remember those beautiful advertisements of United Colors of Benetton?). As we said on the introduction, this season you can literally put on whatever you want and still look fashionable. That’s because the latest fashion trends are not really strict or specific.

We couldn’t but remember of the colorful It’s raining men. Hallelujah! THE WEATHER GIRLS.

4. Jump on the Furry Boat

Fur has been ALL over the place. Furry sleeves, furry pockets, furry hats, furry coats, furry bags. If there’s anything we suggest is to AVOID REAL FUR. It’s 2015 and very few of us live in Alaska.

Here’s a video that sums up all the aforementioned, because… MADONNA.

NOTE: There is also a leather trend, but again, we’re not the biggest fans of it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5. Put a duvet on

Quilting seems to be a thing this season. It better be cold. No more comments on that. Internally, at the office, we find it a little funny, but we’ll probably going to wear it on a Netflix Friday night.

We couldn’t but think of the band called QUILT.

6. Gothica

Whether you pick the black or the white edition, there’s this glam gothic coming back. It’s on the side. As it was in the eighties. As most of the above fashion trends, this one can also be just a highlight of your style – a little detail, an element, a whiff of this style. If you feel like it, you can go full MARILYN MANSON, because, again, why not?

7. Should I call it … victorian?

All these lace items that you’re going to get for the gothic style, can also be worn for this one. Only in a more romantic, ethereal way. Dandy necks, long dresses and skirts, belle epoque silhouettes, puffy puffs, bows, silk and lace.

Think of 1800 or get inspired by KATE BUSH‘s voice. Because, duh…


So. That’s it. They also said that the skinny jeans are over, but don’t believe them. If you feel like wearing something that’s not ‘trending’ (which is kind of hard, as pretty much everything is trending this Fall/Winter), wear it and if anyone asks you (highly doubted if this question comes), tell them that NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION advised you to be ahead of your era. In case that you’re a guy reading this post and you feel neglected, well, sorry, but seriously all the above can also be adjusted to your style. In a way. In some way. You can do it. And anyway, we don’t believe in genders. Pow.

May you’ll all feel happy this season and confident with what’s you’re wearing. Amen.