Feathered Arms - Lies! Lies! Lies!

And here we go with yet another exciting announcement. One of our favorite labels, the music-aficionados of Stargazer Records, have signed a new promising band from Sweden: FEATHERED ARMS. With members drawn from drone/noise-, postrock-, folk- and pop-projects and a voice that’s as riot-girl as riot-girl can be, you can tell from the start that this is not only an ambitious but also a quite uncompromising band.

That Swedes are not limited to dreamy pop and postrock, but also capable of some straight-ahead and dirty rock action is something we already learned from their colleagues IF THEY ASK, TELL THEM WE’RE DEAD. FEATHERED ARMS seem to be willing to push this approach even a little further. In order to convince yourself, we got a first track called Lies! Lies! Lies! as a free download for you. Take your chance over the weekend and get it while it’s hot. It stems from the debut-album which is set to release in January next year. Meanwhile, keep your ears open for FEATHERED ARMS.