Feral And StrayHopefully a few of you might remember last year’s tender album Between You And The Sea from crafted Canadian songwriter talent Erin Lang and her project FERAL & STRAY. A beautiful piece of melancholia that definitely deserves your attention. Especially now that autumn is approaching fast once again. Now, almost one year later Lang takes a second look on the music of that album as she releases her remix EP Gœt Carried Away today. The selection features a couple of reworks from tracks of the album, including remixes by BODI BILL‘s Alex Stolze, TOUCHY MOB and POWEL.

Speaking of the latter one… you might also remember that NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION already premiered a POWEL remix of Carried Away in the past. But this one sounds a bit different which might explain why it is called ‘Meant It This Time Remix.’ The producer delivers a pumping but still delicate dance rework of the FERAL & STRAY original. It’s not featured on the new EP but rather comes as a bonus track. And exclusively right here we’re giving you the free download of that track. Don’t miss it.