Fijuka - Photo by Clemens Schneider

Photo by Clemens Schneider

Do you ever see those flyers for music and arts workshops when you walk around your city, and think ‘This is the time, I’m going to go to this, learn all the instruments and finally start that revolutionary art-pop band I’ve been day-dreaming about for the past ten years’? Only to immediately get distracted by something, forget about it and then go through the whole cycle again when you see another flyer in six months? Luckily, some people have better will-power than you, and FIJUKA are those people. The duo, comprising of Ankathie Koi  and Judith Filimónova, met at a ‘Women in Pop Music’ workshop in Vienna and then formed a band, and NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is delighted to premiere their new single Ca Ca Caravan.

It’s a song brimming with slippery glamour, built on a murky synth-riff and Koi’s glossy vocals before bursting into a sugary-pop chorus (aided by the subtle addition of a little funk/disco guitar deep in the mix). FIJUKA‘s new album Use My Soap (which is a great title, by the way) is out September 25th on Seayou Records.