Fink 2014

FINK will release their new album Hard Believer on July 14th. It will be their first release on the R’COUP’D imprint, a newly label created by Fin Greenall with the backing of Ninja Tune. via Ninja Tunes R’COUP’D. Fin Greenall, Tim Thornton and Guy Whittaker, the three guys who form FINK, recorded the album at the legendary Sound Factory studios with Billy Bush. The album’s title track, Hard Believer, can be streamed now. And even better: it’s up for free download.

Fink - Hard Believer - Album Cover 2014

Are you a hard believer? Well, FINK will make you one. A hard believer of good music who’ll fully trust the British trio. FINK state:

Produced by Billy Bush, who produced our last album Perfect Darkness, it was recorded in Hollywood and a variety of other places around the world.
The album artwork for Hard Believer is designed by James Lake, and the bookpack CD and 2xheavyweight vinyl versions contains song lyrics and a collection of photos. The CD version comes equipped with the Denmark Street Sessions bonus disc; a special 4-track acoustic sessions disc, and the vinyl comes with a digital download sticker on the inside. (source:

FINKHard Believer

1. Hard Believer
2. Green And The Blue
3. White Flag
4. Pilgrim
5. Two Days Later
6. Shakespeare
7. Truth Begins
8. Looking Too Closely
9. Too Late
10. Keep Falling

1. Hard Believer (Denmark Street Session)
2. Green And The Blue (Denmark Street Session)
3. Pilgrim (Denmark Street Session)
4. Truth Begins (Denmark Street Session)