Flo Morrissey - Photo by Sophie Harris-Taylor

Photo by Sophie Harris-Taylor

Some weeks ago, we presented you the latest single Pages of Gold by filigree songwriter FLO MORRISSEY. The beautifully levitating piece of music haunted us for weeks: Our office looks like the room of a 12 year old girl falling in love with a pop-star for the first time in her life. FLO MORRISSEY wallpaper, posters, figurines and a shrine that’d make Buddhism look like Bauhaus. And then she fascinated us even more at the 2015 Eurosonic Noorderslag festival.But before it gets creepy around our sacret halls of admiration, we thought, just to point some questions at this talented singer from London and shift a little towards reality. Stalking, you know, still is a felony. Especially when the object of desire is a really young, female pixie and we just sobbing fat white dudes wearing saucy briefs. Read the interview right here and watch the video to her song If you Can’t Love This All Goes Away right here.

How would you describe your music to a deaf person?
A French musician on the weekend said to me he would describe my music as ‘Dantelle’, which from French to English translates as ‘lace’. I love the imagery that brings and like to think it is pretty fitting. Lace is fragile, delicate but beautifully detailed  and intricate.

Are there any special female role models that made you pick up a guitar?
When I first starting playing guitar It felt more like a natural thing to do to accompany my singing – I was more inspired by the idea of it, rather than a single person. But women like Lauryn Hill, Joni Mitchell and Billie Holiday definitely speak to me.

Cats or dogs? What’s your favourite and why?
I used to have a basset hound dog. She was beautiful, but I think didn’t appreciate animals enough when I was younger. I am much more of an animal lover now. And think I would like the companionship and loyalty that a dog brings. Though I could equally totally see myself as a creepy cat lady!

Of course… in terms of the name we HAVE to ask. Any favourite MORRISSEY or SMITHS track?
(laughs) I have a few: Irish Blood, English Heart, Life is a Pigsty and Asleep – each of these songs are so powerful in their own way – MORRISSEY‘s writing is otherworldly and I feel I can relate to these three the most.

Besides being a musician – what would be your dream job?
Ohh I have no idea. I think I’d be pretty hopeless at anything in the city! So definitely something creative. Perhaps a florist or something with imagery, some kind of visual art and then of course a yoga teacher on the side hah!

The music and culture industry is currently about to redefine itself on many levels. What reasons should a person have to enter the music business and what do you need to survive in it?
The reason should be for one’s love for music in their life and to survive, I suppose you have to go with the flow.

What’s the perfect song to listen to on a cold winter night?

What role do the aspects hope and passion play in your life?
Hope plays a big role in my life. I like to believe that even if my songs are seemingly sad, there is always an underlying sense of hope and that things are always alright in the end. Passion, I suppose is similar, but I’m finding it gets harder to find as you get older, so it’s important to practice passion even in the things that are ‘ordinary’.