Flo Morrissey - Photo by Sophie Harris-Taylor

Photo by Sophie Harris-Taylor

It’s not been a good couple of months for Steven Patrick MORRISSEY. He fell out with his label, his latest album was pulled from sale and now he’s facing a challenge to remain the music world’s best MORRISSEYFLO MORRISSEY is twenty, but she’s very much in thrall to 60s acoustic folk, citing artists like NEIL YOUNG, BOB DYLAN, and their stylistic descendants like DEVENDRA BANHART as inspirations.

In some ways she seems a little like a refugee from another time, from her music right down to her use of slightly antiquated words like ‘silly’ and ‘villainy’ in her lyrics. Pages Of Gold is an absurdly lush creature, a swirling bundle of gorgeous strings and glossy instrumentation. But the lyrics hint at a troubled relationship, a mind being put through the wringer. FLO MORRISSEY’s best asset is her voice, a kind of rich, effortless croon that instantly gives her words a sense of gravitas and weight. It’s a little reminiscent of ANGEL OLSEN, not in style but in its ability to emote with ease. Pages Of Gold is the first single from her debut album, which is due to be released in spring on Glassnote Records.

Written by Austin Maloney