Who is it?

Dublin-based songwriter and producer Anthony Donnelly, better known as FLOOR STAFF. He popped up initially with The Good Luck EP last year, and now he has another on the way. Convictions is on the brink of being released, and today we’re dealing with the first single from that record, SAVIOUR.

Why should you listen to it?

Speaking about Convictions, Donnelly says: ‘I wanted a particular type of groove for this EP. The drums needed to be just off the grid in the style of QUESTLOVE and his playing with D’ANGELO, who is a big musical influence. Investigating new ideas and influences like this developed the production style and helped to free me up in a lot of ways’. Groove is certainly something that SAVIOUR has. It’s a warm, glowing pop song, one loaded with a sense of angst and anxiety that it dispels cathartically through its peppy electro-pop.

What’s next?

The Convictions EP is out this Friday, April 14th.

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