four phonica - divine

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION proudly presents FOUR PHONICA‘s new video Divine. A song that will not only catches the synthpop crowd and fans of bands like I AM X and IMAGINARY WAR, but also people who are into melancholia in general. So “Baby don’t worry / everything’s fine” and check out FOUR PHONICA‘s wonderful Divine video below.

FOUR PHONICA on the producion of the Divine video

Over ten young professionals kindly collaborated to create this beautiful piece of art. The Berlin Film Night winning director Mudhar Al Khufash set his perfect fashion eye to the picture, while the director of photography Julian Landweer, who works mostly for short film, brought his cinematic touch to the film.

FOUR PHONICA on the Divine‘s story

The song Divine was written practically in 5 minutes on the base of siberian shaman rhythm, called “The Rhythm of Turtle”. It’s connected to the second primary chakra Swadhisthana, which contains unconscious desires, especially sexual desire. Through meditation on Swadhisthana, occult powers are said to be obtained.