Francesco Berta - You Are Here

FRANCESCO BERTA (born 1989) is a pianist, composer and multimedia artist from Brescia, Italy. He started learning playing the piano as a child and years later it became the signature of his music. His debut album Modern Dinosaurs can be listened and downloaded for free below (as well as on his Soundcloud page). FRANCESCO BERTA‘s new album Journey was released via the Berlin-based label Oxide Tones and can also be streamed below. You Are Here, tonight’s “Sound of the Night, is the first ninth track on Journey and perfectly sets to music what not only fans of ambient and symphonic post-rock tunes love: the feeling of not being alone, the feeling of warmth inside and last but not least the feeling of being home.

Ambient meets post-rock meets vintage electronic music and piano solos. Fans of acts like YANN TIERSEN, JOHN WILLIAMS, DANNY ELFMAN, FLOAX, JACOB and good music in general will instantly fall in love!

Sound of the Night: FRANCESCO BERTA – “You Are Here”

Stream FRANCESCO BERTA‘s new album “Journey”

Listen & download FRANCESCO BERTA‘s debut-album “Modern Dinosaur” for free