Frøkedal - Photo by Julia Marie Naglestad

Photo by Julia Marie Naglestad

FRØKEDAL is the project of Anne Lise Frokedal, formerly of Norwegian pop band, HARRYS GYM. First Friend is dreamy pop at its peak. From ROBYN to LYKKE LI, there is something inherently cool about Scandivian pop. Suaveness in abundance, FRØKEDAL embraces her Norwegian roots with a similarly Scandinavian sound. Forlorn vocals with bittersweet lyrics make First Friend an instant modern pop masterpiece. Heartbreakingly relatable with a constant questioning of ‘am I the first?’.
Self described as ‘minimal pop music meets folk’ there is an obscure catchiness to First Friend. Combining the  sincerity of folk with that angsty quality of modern pop. Disposable love with lasting lyrics. First Friend is taken from the EP I See You , released earlier this month via Propeller Records. FRØKEDAL will be touring Norway throughout October.