gangplans - bust the way you were

GANGPLANS are a production duo based out of Echo Park and Lake Arrowhead. They manage a fantasy football team, trade investment tips and ride bikes together to the local farmers market. Sounds weird? Well, actually yes, but somehow this shows how special this band is. Wargo and Tiger, the two guys behind GANGPLANS, work with local and international artists to create amazing songs to dream away to. The song Bust The Way You Were features UNRAVEL the video was shot by Jonas Börjesson. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION fell in love with the summerly tunes, the ambient beach sounds and the wonderful dreamy video of Bust The Way You Were. Besides being dreamy and atmospheric, the video also features a lot of beautiful and sexy pictures. Watch the clip premiering right here and right now. If you like it: spread the word.

Video Premiere: GANGPLANSBust The Way You Were (feat. UNRAVEL)

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