Get Well Soon - Photo by Jens Oellermann

Photo by Jens Oellermann

As you might remember, elaborate German composer Konstantin Gropper and his band GET WELL SOON are about to release three new EPs throughout the next weeks, starting with The Lufthansa Heist on November the 7th. That one’s been teased by the stylish video for Staying Home already. Now comes a real treat in form of another new video for the song Careless Whisper, premiering exclusively here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

Wait a minute – Careless Whisper? You mean like the one from GEORGE MICHAEL and/or WHAM? Yes indeed! It’s been taken from the Greatest Hits-EP which will close the series of releases on November the 21st with six carefully selected cover-versions. One of them being Careless Whisper. Not only did GET WELL SOON manage to add a somber note to this epic 30-year old pop-ballad but they also found expressive imagery for it.

As big movie-fans, GET WELL SOON once again couldn’t help but to cite some classic horror-cinema. But you’ll figure that out yourself. Enjoy a crooning, glittering Konstantin Gropper on a ball amidst nightmarish creatures!