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Getting married in 2016 sounds probably as crazy as not being married in the 17th century. Robert and me got enganged last Christmas. To be very honest, I wasn’t sure if that was an engagement ring or just a ring till some weeks later when, during a fight about the chores, he said something like ‘why would I buy you a ring if I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life with you?’. Believe it or not, that’s romantic. For me. Getting married might be a frightening idea for some, but for me it’s the most beautiful bureaucratic process in the world. With today’s post, I hope I’ll help you decide on what to wear for the day. Also to give you tips regarding the decorations/colors. It’s not that easy, unless you already know. In all cases, these are happy problems, anyway!


Once you’ve made the big decision and a gazillion of smaller ones regarding the who you’ll invite and the type of wedding you wish to have (which led you to decide where you’ll get married), you can start thinking about color schemes, invitations and of course, your clothes for the day. That’s supposed to be the fun part. You know. Like it’s on the chick-flicks. You, changing outfits at some obscure, colorful thrift store and then meeting a bunch of sassy hairdressers who are to take care of your coiffure for the day.

But first things first…

Regarding the color scheme, first think of the colors you and your significant other absolutely adore. Thankfully, we’ve evolve as species (well, sort of) and there are endless options of different styles and in all colors, really. Also, not everybody has to have a color scheme. For us, it was easier to decide on one, because it’s narrowing down our options. We plan to have our wedding at the coffee shop we met, which is by the canal, here in Berlin. The style of the location we picked is a bit vintage, a bit rustic, a tad modern. As mentioned, it is by the river and it’s very green. We decided that our colors will be ivory, beige, golden, dark green, navy & baby blue. We somehow adjusted to the location. When you pick a place with such character, why to try standing out?

It’s a day to spoil yourselves, be among loved ones in an environment that screams “YOU”, dressed in outfits that make you feel like you’ve just landed on planet Earth from planet FABULOUS.

In case, though, you’ve booked a plain hall, it’s completely up to you what you want to do with it! I would recommend that you sit down together, the future bride and groom, and you decide on a palette that suit you as a couple. There are plenty of wedding related websites that can guide you and inspire you. I suggest you check The Perfect Palette and The Knot. Remember, it’s your day, therefore fashions and trends do not really matter. Follow your guts and pick the colors you want to see still on the photographs for the rest of your life together!


Once you’ve decided on the colors, you can start picking the rest. It’s up to you, if you to go for the traditional, via-mail invitations or you go for a more ecological, modern option (check for online invitations). The only thing that you need to take care of is that the invitations are match well enough with the palette and the theme you’ve picked. That way you give a small hint to your guests regarding what they should wear and expect. For example, a posh, traditional invitation suggests a more strict dresscode, while a colorful one, with sketches and funny notes invites them to ‘come as they are’.

Regarding the decorations, I would say that less is more, but again, if you’re of a bubbly, extravagant personality, why not going for something more avant-garde? It’s your special day, after all! The whole idea behind the less is more advice is that once your wedding is over, all those decorations will be probably stored somewhere and never be used again. Also, instead of investing shit loads of money on flowers that have a short life anyways, why not going for plants? You can have them, then, at your appartment. They can be part of your family – just saying! I would suggest (and if you’re planning your wedding on a shoe string) pick things that you can afterwards re-use at your home. In this context of things that you can keep for after the special day, have you thought about having a corner where your guests can leave you a personal note or unwind for a minute? A cool idea I’ve read about on several blogs and websites is to have a polaroid camera and an album where people can take photos of themselves and write a word or two, wish something to the newlyweds. Now, if it works or if the guests are camera shy… that I don’t know. But it’s a cool idea, since it leaves you with a beautiful book that’s full of love and is sure to put a smile on your faces, even on the gloomiest days.

Colors, Clothes & Decorations


The dress. The suit. The shoes. The jewelry. The whatever you feel like wearing. I guess what’s good to have as a guide is first of all what makes you feel awesome and comfortable, because you’re likely to wear this outfit for quite some hours and also look at it on the photos for the rest of your lives. What you’re wearing should represent you, as a person. Do not hear what they say – if you want to wear a pink/yellow/rainbow/golden dress/suit, I’d say we only live once, so go for it!

Important to remember while picking the perfect outfit is the season of your wedding. We don’t want you to feel extremely cold or hot, will we? For summer, better pick airy fabrics – for winter, the opposite! Also pick an outfit that really strikes you with the first sight. Do not count on super modifying it to be perfect. The guys should go for a suit that they can wear again and again. Why to buy something that you’ll wear only one time? Same goes for the ladies – unless you want to put on the outfit of your dreams, why not picking something that will make you feel like a goddess everytime you’ll be wearing it. Trust me, you’re going to have way more than just one special day in your lives.

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This article is no different than its two precedent. The whole point is to do what you like, because it’s your day – the day of the two of you. Nothing else matters than you two being happy. It’s a day to spoil yourselves, be among loved ones in an environment that screams ‘YOU’, dressed in outfits that make you feel like you’ve just landed on planet Earth from planet FABULOUS. Now, go decide on all those things… what are you waiting for?