Ghosting Season - Apophenia

Sound of the Night: Ghosting Season – Apophenia

Manchester based icy techno group GHOSTING SEASON just released a new single Apophenia on the emerging Fields label. Those afflicted Apophenia infer meaningful patterns in randomness and GHOSTING SEASON seems to be examining the pros and cons of this train of thought on this track. This is illustrated quit exquisitely by the juxtaposition of eerie background echoes with TE Morris’s (of HER NAME IS CALLA) soothing and silken vocals, both give the song surreal quality like a dream on the brink of being a nightmare. Adding this irrational sense of reality that the track evokes is how GHOSTING SEASON contrasts deep kicks of base with haunting piano melodies. It is all these dissimilar elements that makes Apophenia a compellingly cinematic track. The video for Apophenia is an equally gripping and uses magic realism in the from of supernatural girl sent to save a boy from his apophenia which plays up the dreamlike quality of the song. Sound of the Night!