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There’s just this special vibe when family gets together and makes music. It all just meshes perfectly. Same can be said for the indie-rock band GOLDENSUNS. That’s the three brothers, Chase, Weston and Jantzen Meier originally from Salt Lake City but currently living the California life and residing in Los Angeles.

This is why perhaps their newest track I Feel This Place feels so absolutely chill. Start to finish you feel whisked away into this dreamy LA atmosphere like you’re just headed to the beach, cruising along the coastline in your car, with the speakers on full blast and the wind sweeping through your hair and the sun tickling your face.

GOLDENSUNS have been making music as a band for a quite some time now but it seems like this could be the long anticipated breakthrough. No new music news as of now, but hopefully the Meier brothers won’t keep us waiting too long.