Goldfrapp - Jo

Todays’ Sound of the Night comes from the Londoner music duo consisting of Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, feels like the gloomy soundtrack to a walk through the Yorkshire Moors. The song tells the story of the murder of a woman named Jo and takes the listener on a journey along singing winds, minimalistic piano sounds and string sequences. The quiet ballad gets on without any beats that we know from songs like Strict Machine or Ooh La La and yet encompasses the dreamlike voice of Alison Goldfrapp and the familiar enchanting atmosphere of GOLDFRAPP’s music. Jo introduces the stripped down, melancholic, rural and orchestral sound of their current album Tales of Us. Alison Goldfrapp about the album:

I really wanted to do something that was much more stripped back. Life needed to be more spartan, and more bold, and more focused. We’ve always loved playing with different sounds, and most of our albums have been quite intricate in terms of there’s always something filling the space. I wanted to see what happens if we took all the stuff out.

A deluxe edition of Tales of Us will be rereleased on June 30th.

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