Great Lake Swimmers - Photo Marina Manushenko

Photo by Marina Manushenko

The Canadian folk rock outfit GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS reports back with a new album called A Forest In Arms. It’s set to be published on April 21st via Nettwerk Records and will contain 12 new songs, one of them being the gentle banjo-driven tune Zero In The City which you can witness below already. A Forest In The Arms marks the band’s sixth studio album and is the follow-up to 2012s New Wild Everywhere.

While it’s become quite silent around the GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS recently, their singer and songwriter Tony Dekker has kept busy all the way as he released his solo LP Prayer Of The Woods in 2013. Dekker also raises his voice in questions of environmental protection and is involved in the work of the World Wildlife Fund around the BP-oil catastrophe affected regions of Louisiana. As exclaim reports, these experiences will be a fundemental part of the new material as well. We’ll see how that turns out and meanwhile enjoy the simple beautiful longing in Dekker’s voice once again.