Grouper - Made Of Air

Oh yes, the nighttime. Reality gets a bit blurred by darkness and surreal lightings, it’s the time of excess and escapism. But at the same time one can get dragged into melancholy in all its sweetest and horrible forms. We couldn’t think of a better sound embracing these feelings of the night than the one that Liz Harris from Portland creates under her moniker GROUPER. Last year’s The Man Who Died In The Boat introduced her music to us as a project for the more lonesome moments of our lives. And her latest full-length Ruins ain’t any less compelling in that sense, creating an introspective trip into bittersweet sadness. Which is exactly what a new video for Ruins‘ epic closing track Made of Air is aiming for.

Directed by Paul Clipson and accompanied by Harris’ ambient slowcore the clip follows impressionistic imagery of landscapes, people and – as a reoccurring theme: water – throughout Made of Air‘s 11-minute long contemplation and beauty. Calm down tonight, take a deep breath and slip away into the sound of GROUPER.