\\GT// - Get Tuned, Stay Tuned - Video

Today we’ve got something very special for you: An exclusive video premiere for a non-album track. Yes, that’s right. It’s nowhere to be found yet and there’s a brand new video for it – screening right here, right now for the first time. The band in charge is called \\GT//, the song is Get Tuned, Stay Tuned and it comes with an aptly psychedelic clip including masked folks, enigmatic messages and a trippy outdoor party.

Hailing from the deep south of the US, the threesome \\GT// is about to re-calibrate your knowledge about bluesy psychedelic rock. Scotty Lee, Byron Sonnier and Mark Beasley have just released their first full-length via Communicating Vessels. It’s called Beats Misplaced and is a highly recommendable treat. \\GT// is mainly the artistic outlet of songwriter Scotty Lee and has been known under various incarnations, such as GREEN TEETH, GET TRYIN’ and GHOST TRAVELER. Now, after some serious personal struggles, the project has formed into something permanent and exciting. So here we go, let’s go for a ride into the psychedelic rock mist of \\GT//‘s Get Tuned, Stay Tuned.