Halasan Bazar - Space Junk - Album Cover

Three weeks after the release of their free single Sometimes Happy Sometimes Sad, the Danish psychedelic pop band HALASAN BAZAR is back to present the video clip to this sweeping 60s lo-fi tune that followed tracks like Everybody Dies and Sroll Down.

As the band reported the song is ‘about that little period right before a relationship blows up and dies, when you´re just kind of pretending to be in love to avoid too many questions, because the world is about to fall apart.‘ And because the Copenhagen guys like ‘the tension between something very serious and silly humour‘, for the video they just cutted up a dadaistic TV program for kids from the 70s and transformed it into a damned funny portait of human agony and mental breakdown that’s so wholesome!

The album of HALASAN BAZAR entitled Space Junk will be released next week. Already now the band’s on their Space Junk Tour. So check the dates! But before … watch the pythonesque drama right here: