Halasan Bazar - Wondering WhyBeloved Danish lo-fi folkers HALASAN BAZAR obviously don’t only love the sound of times long past, they’re also fascinated by the footage from these days. And so their new video for the song Wondering Why – taken from their latest album Space Junk – gets in line with previous music clips such as Scroll Down and Sometimes Happy Sometimes Sad, this time starring a surgeon from the seventies who’s dreaming of burning housewives, car rides and drinking sprees.

As hopefully all Berliner and HALASAN BAZAR fans know, the band’s performing live this evening at the second Midsommar Festival next to acts such as THE NEW SPRING, AVES, DINNER, NORDIC BY NATURE and IBERIA. The Festival is presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION and takes place not in Scandinavia but, right, in Berlin. So put yourself in the mood with HALASAN BAZAR‘s new video and celebrate with us the Scandinavian summer highlight at today’s Midsommar Festival. Starting at 6 p.m., entry is free!