Hannah & Kerttu . Drunken Dancers - Video

Sometimes it’s hard not to slip into clichés when it comes to Scandinavian music. And sometimes it’s easy to handle because bands just play with stereotypes themselves; like in this case. The Finnish duo HANNA & KERTTU refer to their music as ‘Forest Pop’ and with their brand new video, premiering here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, they definitely nailed that term. Drunken Dancers is the name of the song and the corresponding clip indeed contains some wild dancing in a – who would’ve guessed – dark forest environment. It’s a little spooky as is the tune but both are nonetheless highly enjoyable with dark tuned synths, reduced beats and an expressive voice on top.

Forest Pop is also the name of HANNA & KERTTU debut album which will be out on July 31 via Duchess Box Records. We really look forward to it because after watching this, we expect some more delicately crafted dark pop in the fashion of Drunken Dancers. So here’s the gloomy clip to get you in the right mood already.