The first solo studio album from former DAS RACIST member Himansu ‘HEEMS‘ Suri is presented as ‘9/11 and heartbreak’. It deals with race, identity and dual lives: ‘If white people ain’t ghosts how come they could be so insensitive to the pain felt by people of color?’ – Tweeted by HEEMS, this provocative line sums up the mantra of Sometimes.

Being the first release from his first solo studio album Eat Pray Thug, Sometimes is a powerful polarising monologue about life’s vague oft opaque connections.  ‘About dualities, identities and the space between spaces’, it deals with inner torments. From ‘Sometimes I’m mad lame/Sometimes I’m mad fly’ to ‘Two weeks later you broke and taking the damn bus’ HEEMS lays down the polar opposites of his art: In a fast paced chant of all these issues, weighting up the ‘sometimes’ of his own.

Eat Pray Thug was recorded between Bombay and Brooklyn. Sometimes divding and sometimes uniting HEEMS identity as a mixed-race American and a musician. The record will feature collaborations with Dev Hynes of BLOOD ORANGE and Harry Fraud. It will be released on March 10, 2015 on Greenhead/Megaforce, HEEMS’s own record label. Listen to Sometimes right here:

Written by Hannah Fahy