actio reactio - helena hauff 2013

Sound of the Night: Helena Hauff – “Actio Reactio”

HELENA HAUFF just unveiled the title track of her upcoming debut album Actio Reactio. The EP will be released on August 5th via ACTRESS‘s label Werkdiscs. The German DJ HELENA HAUFF previously released a cassette-only mix for Blackest Ever Black offshoot Krokodilo Tapes.

The now released title track, Actio Reactio, is a mind-blowing techno track full of amazing synths, percussions and even better: the ten minute track comes with a VHS video that reminds of old times. Modern electronic sounds and retro visuals, a combination that shows that HELENA HAUFF exactly knows what she does.

HELENA HAUFF‘s Actio Reactio is named “Sound of the Night”, so make sure to be ready for techno madness.