Helfer - Press Pic 2014

Israel’s Noam HELFER will unbolt your music-loving heart immediately. The six tracks on his debut EP Air Drops take you into a psychedelic crystal palace surrounded by burbling streams, flowers swaying in gentle breaths of wind and dancing rays of light. HELFER, the king of this beautiful realm, will take your mind on a 30-minutes holiday, creating the musical equivalence of this picture by mixing nature sounds and thrifty acoustic guitar riffs with tender electronic beats and melodies. Above all lies, his voice sometimes plants hooklines in the listener’s head while telling personal stories now and then.

Every track on the EP bears its own beauty. Air Drops is a marvel as a whole, so embark on this six works of art and enter HELFER‘s wonderland here.


Tomorrow, March 20th, HELFER will perform at club Urban Spree, Berlin. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION gives away 2×2 tickets for this concert. If you are in Berlin: don’t miss this meditative experience and send an email with the subject ‘Helfer’ to win@nbhap.com. Good luck!