hey ocean - islands

Today’s Sound of the Day comes from a wonderful band, HEY OCEAN! The trio just unveiled a video to their song Islands, which is beautiful song that got a simply stunning video. When they sing “We could build an island / You and I could swim beside / Where we could ride the tides / Until we fall asleep at night”, all you want to do is close your eyes, dream away and sing along. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION believes in Vancouver-based indie band and shortly featured the the band member’s Seven Favourite Songs. Ashleigh Ball introduced us to her seven feel good songs she loves, Dave Vertesi to his seven songs he’s currently listening to, and Dave Beckingham talked about seven songs from his childhood, which were hugely influential for him in different ways. Definitely a special trio that’s upcoming German tourdates will be presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION (check out the dates here). Enjoy Islands by HEY OCEAN!