How To Dress Well - Press 2014 - Photo by Zackery Michael

Photo by Zackery Michael

Tom Krell aka HOW TO DRESS WELL presents a brand new song called Let U Know. The song is not part of this year’s new album What Is This Heart? but was recorded in the same process. And it actually helped to name the album as Krell explains in a released statement.

The artist says: ‘I needed this song to be heard by people, even though I couldn’t find a place for it on the album proper. When I made this song, singing over a song originally by one of my best friends, a lot of what I’d developed on ‘WITH?’ just came clear to me — these questions, these relationships with the past and the future, all this love…’

Earlier this year NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION also talked with the musician about his new record as well. Check out the new HOW TO DRESS WELL music below.