I USED TO BE A SPARROW - you are an empty artist - album cover

I USED TO BE A SPARROWYou Are An Empty Artist

1. Laura
2. Warpaint On Invisible Children
3. Spring Knows Where You Live
4. Skinny Leaves
5. I’ve Got The Feeling We Are Not In Kansas Anymore
6. Cannonball
7. Always The Runner
8. Submarine
9. on/off
10. Blindfolded
11. July

The Swedish songwriter Dick Pettersson and the Italian songwriter Andrea Caccese formed I USED TO BE A SPARROW in late 2011. About one year ago, in March 2012, they released their debut album, Luke, and from this point on their music spread around the world. Luke was even released in Japan, something I USED TO BE A SPARROW never thought about until that point. Now their new album, You Are An Empty Artist, will be released (out March 15th) and things are going crazy again; even more than ever before.

You Are An Empty Artist starts where Luke ended. With this new album I USED TO BE A SPARROW embody a compromise between the urgency of a garage band and the impact of arena rock. They reinfore their genre-defying approach, bringing their music to a more personal and kaleidoscopic dimension.

The songs Warpaint On Invisible Children, on/off and July already got wonderful videos and made us, as well as many other people around the world looking forward to the full album. Now NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION presents the exclusive album stream of I USED TO BE A SPARROW‘s You Are An Empty Artist. Enjoy the wonderful tunes by these guys and dream away. If you don’t want to dream away just put the volume up and dance.