Norwegian band iampsyencefiction has a crazy name, but plays amazingly beautiful music. With Spy vs. Spy their new video now celebrates its premiere on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Just in time, because iampsyencefiction will play at BY:LARM FESTIVAL in Oslo later this week.

Spy to Spy is about ‘a planet that is free floating in space’, iampsyencefiction told NBHAP in a short interview. ‘Experts call it a rogue planet. I think that’s a super interesting form to be in. It’s a nice picture of ultimate freedom. If I could chose to change place with another object in space. this planet would be it. The song is also about the impossibility of that thought. Spy vs. Spy is a cartoon. I’m having a feeling it’s partly about inner struggle. That’s how I relate to it anyways.’

The BY:LARM FESTIVAL will be a nice opportunity for the band to introduce their music to a fresh audience. ‘Our set up live is still pretty new and so BY:LARM FESTIVAL is most peoples first chance to come see us preform. We’re trying really hard to get some work for the summer, so if we do our job and deliver a showcase on the level we want hopefully someone with a slot to spare will put us on the list for a job. I’m really just trying to show off our music properly right now, do good shows. I think it speaks for itself and by:Larm is a good place for someone to catch a glimpse of one of our sets.’

The good thing: iampsyencefiction are prepared for good things that hopefully will happen at BY:LARM FESTIVAL (or shortly after). The bad thing: it’s not alsways as easy as it should be. But the most important thing is to be prepared, right? ‘Our album is in the making. We have got the songs for it, but making records is neither easy when a lot of your fellow band mates are involved in successful Norwegian acts or cheap when you’re on a indie-label. Hopefully we’ll get something sorted out. I think we have a good thing going on right now with our sound, so hopefully we’ll be able to put that down on tape while the energy is still buzzing from the songs like it is.’

iampsyencefiction - 'Spy vs. Spy'

Since Spy vs. Spy is not only an amazing song but also got a stunning video, we asked iampsyencefiction how the idea to film the video in a church came up.
‘I always enjoyed taking preformed music away from the traditional arena where it’s preformed. Take the audience with me, and have it be something other than it could be in a traditional setting. For instance i have a habit of playing at Youth Pictures of Florence Hendersons annual Emo-festival at a closed down train station. We actually wanted an old abandoned indoor swimming pool for the shoot. An amazingly charming spot, kind of hidden in Oslo. But when that fell through we looked for a room with gentle lighting and calm colors. I’m not into christianity as a way of life, but i’ve always loved the sense of calm and rest and gentle darkness that exists within the walls of the church. I think it’s a great room to compliment our music. Simen and Synne from Apparatet has a style of portraying I’ve always admired, from back when i saw Moddis Magpie eggs-video, so when a chance to have them have a look at us whilst doing our thing musically came by I was quick to snatch it.’