Photo: Sarah Hesselbo

Photo by Sarah Hesselbo

IDA GARD has developed a running history with NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION ever since we debuted her on our features page, following the release of her second studio album Doors. Now, a year later, the Danish artist has new pieces in the works, and she has chosen to premiere her new track Womb with us, which also happens to be the title-track of her upcoming album Womb, due out in Feburary next year.

In the track, IDA GARD plays with opposites in her rhythm and lyrics. Bold, driving beats that are simultaneously ominous and lively occasionally slow down to a more melancholic tune which allows her words to become clearer in these moments. And the lyrics set the feminine nature of a womb aside overt masculinity as the words come from the perspective of the boy growing inside. At the moments of calm, IDA GARD repeats, ‘Look at me now, look at these huge hands, look at my genitals’, an unexpected turn for a song titled Womb.

IDA GARD has just embarked on her Germany tour, which will run through March. She will support RYAN SHERIDAN in the first half of the tour and then will continue her route in support of her new music. She has started a ‘get close to Germany’ campaign to get some insight into local favorites and traditions that she needs to experience while she is in every major city of the country.

Ida Gard – Live in Germany 2015 (supporting Ryan Sheridan)

12.11.2015 – Hamburg – Markthalle
13.11.2015 – Berlin – Postbahnhof
15.11.2015 – Köln – Live Music Hall
16.11.2015 – Bochum – Zeche
17.11.2015 – Hannover – Musikzentrum
19.11.2015 – Leipzig – Täubchenthal
20.11.2015 – Dresden – Beatpol
22.11.2015 – Bremen – Modernes
24.11.2015 – Mannheim – Capitol
25.11.2015 – Frankfurt – Batschkapp
26.11.2015 – Erfurt – Centrum
28.11.2015 – Nürnberg – Hirsch
30.11.2015 – München – Ampere
01.12.2015 – Zürich – Papiersaal
02.12.2015 – Freiburg – Jazzhaus
03.12.2015 – Stuttgart – LKA Longhorn