Iiris - Photo by Siiri Kumari

Photo by Siiri Kumari

Today marks the return of an old NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION favourite in the form of Estonian electropop singer IIRIS and her brand new music video. We must confess, we lost a bit track after her 2013 single Tigerhead, which is really sad, especially since we first met the talented young lady for a little talk back in 2012. But now, she’s back and what a return it is. Iridescent Love is the name of the first single from her new EP Hope and it’s a stunning one. Hypnotic beats, psychedelic instrumentation and her unique voice make this tune quite entertaining. The chorus is kind of hard to resist and if you stay put you might experience a surprising drum’n’bass twist in the last third of the tune.

So, settle up and join IIRIS for a psychedelic nightly trip through the city right here as we are delighted to bring you the world premiere of her new clip right here.