Forside alene

IL TEMPO GIGANTE is just about to release his second album Watch It Watch, which now streams officially on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. The probability that you didn’t here from IL TEMPO GIGANTE so far might be pretty high, but even higher is the probability that you hear from him more often from now on. Why? Simply because of the fact that Watch It Watch is a masterpiece of singer songwriter music. Danish musician Rolf Hansen, the man behind IL TEMPO GIGANTE, recorded the entire album in just two months, and of course he played and recorded everything alone. So no matter if you consider yourself a music nerd, or just a lover of good music: Watch It Watch will make you feel warm inside. Enjoy.

31.3. D-München, Theater Heppel & Ettlich
01.4. A-Innsbruck, Die Bäckerei
05.4. D-Freiberg, NotenDiele
07.4. D-Chemnitz, Lokomov
08.4. D-Leipzig, Dr. Seltsam
09.4. D-Berlin, Ä
11.4. D-Berlin, Sofa Salon
12.4. D-Dresden, Nikkifaktur
15.4. D-Greifswald, tba