Image Ctrl - PushToday we are going to dive into a very different world created by a six-member Berlin-collective composed of producers, DJs, a graphic designer and a MC. Certified as ‘pioneers of the Beat ’n‘ Rap- generation’ IMAGE CTRL surprises with a fresh sound which combines elements of new school, trap and hip hop.

The creative ensemble takes up the cause of a better life through their music. Named after this maxim their debut album Better Living through Image Ctrl offers a strong, innovative tune with faithful lyrics. The concept of IMAGE CTRL  refers to the steady struggle of finding oneself among a crowd of supposed individualists and in this context controlling and creating an impression on the views of the social environment.

By keeping their identities a secret and avoiding official press photos as well as making an appearance in their music videos, they just want their music to take the center stage.

So, if you are ready to see the bigger picture, check out today’s NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION ‘sound of the day’ and get inspired!