imaginary war die tonight

Photo by Laura Zalenga

Because of the style of the song and my background, I went in with the idea of taking elements away and rearranging, rather than adding much. But to be honest I’m not that organised, I just start experimenting and see where it takes me. I feel like the end result is something very instrumental with lots of tension that doesn’t particularly fall into ‘house’ or ‘techno’ which is probably what my music would normally be pigeon holed as!
OWEN HOWELLS’ on his remix of IMAGINARY WAR’s ‘Die Tonight’

London-based deep house and techno artist OWEN HOWELLS remixed Die Tonight by German synth-pop band IMAGINARY WAR. By reworking the song HOWELLS gave the song a completely new face. As he states he didn’t add much to the song itself, but rearranged and reworked the original. Now NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION gives you the world premiere of his Die Tonight remix and we asked him what he likes about the original version.

I like the vocal and the live elements. It’s a nice dramatic song. It’s funny because when i’d been working on the remix for some reason I’d always pictured someone driving in like a mountainous area perhaps under some slightly grim circumstances (I imagine I was influenced by the lyrics). And then I just watched the film clip for the original and it’s someone driving! There’s something to be said there for music provoking thoughts because I definitely hadn’t seen the clip.

‘What would you do if you would die tonight?’ Have you ever thought about that question? If not you should definitely start thinking about it – by listening to both OWEN HOWELLS‘ remix and IMAGINARY WAR‘s original version of Die Tonight.

IMAGINARY WAR‘s Die Tonight is taken from their 2012 debut album Replacing The Ghosts and was featured in the US vampire series ‘Being Human’.

IMAGINARY WAR will play Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT) in Leipzig, Germany, on June 7th. OWEN HOWELLS‘ will be on world tour soon:

Owen Howells Tour 2014