Arab Strap

Following their split five years ago Scottish indie-rock two-piece ARAB STRAP looks like it is going to return this year in some form. A simple ‘Hello Again’ can be seen on their freshly relaunched new website, hinting on an appearance at 6music from 4pm on Wednesday, June 15. Nobody knows yet what we can expect but in the past Middleton wasn’t that much into recording actual new ARAB STRAP music. The Line Of Best Fit quotes an interview from 2013 with the following words:

‘I think, with Arab Strap, it was good at the time. But we could only write songs of that ilk at a certain age. So I don’t think we’ll ever record again but it might be good to do a gig.’

UPDATE 16/06/2016: During the radio show the group confirmed that they will reunite for three comeback shows in London, Manchester and Glasgow this fall. You can get your tickets over at the official page right here. During the talk Middleton confirmed ‘I think the day we went to the pub and split up, we made a joke about Arab Strap getting back together in 10 years’ time to celebrate. So that’s basically what this is: a chance to enjoy the music we made once more.’ Moffat on the other side added: ‘We wanted to celebrate it while we’re still relatively young and don’t look too embarrassing on the stage.’ ARAB STRAP also shared a sort-of new song called The First Big Weekend of 2016. It’s a grooving update of their debut single The First Big Weekend and you can stream it below.