Bottled In EnglandBringing a ‘real’ note to electronic sounds, a human element within programmed structures and beats – it sounds quite simple when you think about it but only a few bands manage to combine the massive sound with a raw live energy. Danish duo BOTTLED IN ENGLAND is such an act. August Dyrbor and Daniel Vognstrup create dynamic live drum and bass with an intensity most other ‘crossover’ bands can only dream of. They already managed to get to legendary Roskilde Festival with only playing a handful gigs before this event. A band on the rise – perfekt time to catch up with Daniel, one half of the group, to talk about their sound, their special name and how the German autobahn became one of their inspirations.


Since BOTTLED IN ENGLAND are new to most of our readers: please introduce yourself.
We are a Copenhagen based live drum and bass-duo, consisting of August Dyrborg, drums and Daniel Vognstrup, bass/synths/vocals.


Drums, Bass and electronic sounds. You really don’t need more, but how was the idea born and how do you manage to create such a massive sound as a duo?
We’d been playing together since we were kids in a lot of different constellations, playing everything from punk to big band-music. But at some point we decided to do our own thing, so went out and bought a computer and began programming. The massive sound we make – thank you very much –  has something to do with that fact that we were never very good at restraining ourselves…


Your new”Architect EP”, has just been released outside Denmark. What’s the story behind the EP, who is the architect and how do people like your new songs so far?
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The Architect EP pretty much came to life as we realized how much we wanted to make a concept release where some of the great upcoming and established artists would feature and thereby add new dimensions to our music. That’s why we felt very strongly about the ‘Architect’-theme, as the four tracks represent four different ways of “building” up the song structure.


You use a lot of guest musicians and guest-singers. How do you select the people you like to work with?
We’ve met so many talented musicians and artists during the last three years and not to be taking part in their creative energy would be foolish. So if they are able to add a new dimension to our music and doesn’t seem social deranged, everybody is welcome!


BOTTLED IN ENGLAND: “Too much filthy dancehall music pollutes the airwaves these days”

Your band-name, BOTTLED IN ENGLAND, is a pretty strange one (actually band names are often pretty strange). What’s the story behind it? Has your music been bottled in England and shipped to Denmark?
(laughs) Haha, no, it hasn’t been shipped from anywhere, it’s just that we lovegin so much and on the backside of the old Beefeater bottles, it said ‘Produced and Bottled in England’ and as drum and bass is a UK-thing, it gained a whole new meaning… and we can’t all be ‘The’-bands.


When collaborating as much as you do: do you see yourself as duo or as collective?
We see ourselves as a duo with a big loving family, but this marriage only has two partners.


What inspires you when writing new tracks or songs?
We are inspired by anything from the German autobahn to bad relationships, but sometimes we also do things that just sounds cool.


The Danish music scene definitely seems to be a great collective. Is this the secret of the strong Danish music scene? Or are there any other secrets?
Well, we do have some very good friends among the upcoming musicians in Denmark, but we do not see ourselves as part of a certain collective. Far too much filthy dancehall music pollutes the airwaves these days and we could never be a part of that..


What are – besides from music – the most important things in your lives?
We’ve never been asked that question before, but frankly, after three years on the road the importance of other things than music tends to faint..


What do the words “hope” and “passion” mean to you?
‘Hope’ is about believing in the fact that there’s something ahead of you, whereas ‘passion’ has to do with living for what you have now and not what you will never have….and both words could obviously become great motivational tattoos (laughs).