Introducing - April 2013 - FlyerNorway? No way! It’s all about that country this month, as NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION proudly  partners with Intro for Introducing in April. The INTRODUCING series, a showcase for newcomers and up-and-comers and just general buzz-worthy bands, promises to be a hand-clap heavy folk and electro pop wonderland, with plenty of ear pollinators to supplement your sense that spring, maybe it exists and maybe there is hope.  Who better to sing about it than our partners in half a year of darkness, the Scandinavians? Like last year, they are doing a special evening in collaboration with famous Norwegian ØYA FESTIVAL.

On Thursday, April 18 at Berlin’s Bii Nuu club, come see Bulgarian Norwegian MIKHAEL PASKALEV, backed by a five piece band, will show off his indie, alt country an early rock-n-roll sound that owes a lot to sixties folk like the EVERLY BROTHERS and with a voice that has been compared to legend PAUL SIMON. Check out his video for I Spy, where he’s listening to to a reel-to-reel tape deck and then starts slow motion prancing around in his undies, destroying a room.

TRULS pleads with a lovely falsetto, with lyrics like “Cuz you didn’t call me up again/ I knew something was wrong” from Out of Yourself, this track will go down nicely sipping some Cristal in a limousine as you race to the club, think of all that you love about Top 40 soul R&B and pop, then add a big sensitive Norwegian front man. Check out the video, which flows from scientists plotting over some blueprints to a family feast with a human as a main dish that goes terribly wrong.

And in the strangest video concept of the three bands at the showcase, here comes HEYERDAHL, named after Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer.  The clip starts with an old woman explaining she is going to die, and an armadillo is blame. HEYERDAHL is an electronic rock band that recorded their latest album Øen, in a lighthouse on the Norwegian coast. Listen for the ambient influences of the thunderstorm they lived through, the band used strategically placed microphones to capture the sound of nature seeping in.

Berlin, 18.04.2013
Bii Nuu
Doors at 20:00, show at 21:00
Register for free at